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Sunday events in Faenza and Bydgoszcz  
Marco Fanti 2k of Bologna barely won the primo torneo a Faenza (Hi no Tori) in La Fenice. His win in the handicap -2 tournament was decided by a nvictory over Italian vice-Champion Davide Minieri 3d of Padova, as they finished on even on all tie-breakers. Leonardo Dal Zovo 2k of Forleone (photo left) won bronze 3-1. Also winnnig three were Mario Fava 11k of Treviso and local hero Stefano Giurin 13k ofFaenza, where 16 gathered.

Surprising with a clean sweep of a mere 18k local David Libront became a club hero by winning the tournament - full handicap and also on Saturday - in Bydgoszcz (Poland). On his way, Dawid defeated two 10k''s, both of them his club colleagues. One of them lost to all three on the podium. The other one, Roman Kamynski, won silver - ahead on tie-breaker of Robert Oczkowski 4k (photo right) of Torun. In Bydgoszcz only 12took part.
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