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Durante il torneo che abbiamo fatto a Ravenna, abbiamo avuto la possibiltà di avere due professioniste koreane:

Abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo le loro lezioni, le partite simultanee che hanno avuto con alcuni di noi e i vari suggerimenti che ci hanno dato per migliorare il nostro gioco.

Ringraziamo in particolare Yu che ci ha rilasciato un'intervista (sotto riportata).

Auguriamo a loro un grosso in bocca al lupo e di aver successo nel Go.

Grazie ancora


1.     When you knew Go for the first time?

I did start to play Go when I was 6 years old.  My grand father really liked playing go aginst my older cousins.  One day,  I visited to a house of my grand parents with my family. at the moment of I got into the house, I saw a sequence .  In my memory, It was like this. There was a table in the center of living loon, between my grand father and cousin, and  They were doing something with black and white stones (looked like candies) by sitting down on the floor.

That was Go, which had taken  all of my childhood away.

More Interstingly , I still remember that a beutiful sequence.

2.     Who teach you for the first time go, and how strong was him?

My parents sent me to learn in Go academy , nearby my family's home, In seoul.

3.     At which age you reached the insei school?

I got into Korean insei program at 12 years old. since then, I could realize how difficult is that becoming a professinal player of a game.

4.     Was it your choice to reach the insei school? Was it because your parents suggested it?

yes of course, my parents wanted me to be a doctor or professor , normal excellent career, but actually my parents don't care, and they just want me to be happy . so that was up to my decision.

5.     Can you give us more details about the period when you were insei, how was the life in school, how was the daily go lesson, what about the other subjects (like math, history, literature,…)?

Daily schedul of insei , is mostly as follows.

10am - playing a game against other insei

after game reveiw, go to lunch !

1pm - playing the second game

after game review between players, go to a teacher to get some feedback.

4pm- Discussion of the opening stretegy or self studying ( replaying pro games.)

6pm- happy dinner

7pm - Lighting games ( with 10 or 20 sec viyomi )  - optional

hading in homework ( soving life and death or tesuji )

9pm- self studying , such as record own games, solving problems for reding skill,

or replaying pro games for every skills.

11pm - go home ^ ^

Does it look a happy daily schedule ?

Well,  sometimes it was happy when I have a lot of wins , but most insei does study like this, more or less , so actually It was very competative - . ^ ^

6.     Is the competition between inseis very hard?

yes. It was very hard for me.  I won't explain enough well in words.

7.     How much time you pass studying when you was insei and how much time you study go now? now ?

Since I have moved to Europe for teaching,  my focus has been changing  as well.

When I was in Korea, I studied for win . on the other hand, In Europe, I m studing Go for

how to teach better .


8.     When you become pro, did your parents and friend made a party in that occasion for you?

Yes, of course. I liked stake very much, so all we went to a fancy resturant for ages.

9.     How many players each year become pro in Korea and how someone could become pro?

For male - 9 , For femal - 2

The person who are willing to pass a pro test, They must win the first or second in the final

league of protest .


10. What is the future for an insei who is not able to become pro?

People who couldn't win the first or second place in each tournament, or could not make

the first place in league during a year , can not be a professional player.  also It

is not possible  to keep joining the league for above 19 years old.

Most go to Myung ji universirty , There is a part of go major. It is included in the part of

art and sport.  but I think It is obscure that defining which part Go is belong to.

What do you think about that ?


11. If you are Lee Changho you can make a living just with the tournament prizes, but how can you live if you are a normal pro? Does the Baduk Korean Association give you a salary? Did you get paid for taking part in the preliminaries of the tournaments?

KBA do not give any salary to each of pro players. Making more money is up to their own

score in main tournament.  The filed of Go in Asia is really competative.


12. What about your hobbies, do you like music, sport, shopping?

I like snowboarding in winter, taking some pictures in trip, watching movies, and playing

games ( not only go :) )


13. Please speak about your teaching school at Budapest, how many students are there? Why you choose to come there? Do you still participate to pro tournament? Have you still time to study go?

Up to now, there is only a student. actally I will leave this center from December. Because

I got an invitiation from Sweden Go Federation. I ll be keeping to promote Go for European

Next year as well. but Place will be different , I am going to move to Stockholm in Sweden.


14. What should do who want to become student in your school?

Please ask Mr. Kim  ^ ^ , I don't know about this very much. or If you have any question

for me, Just send me email.  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

15. Do you have some student that you think they could become pro?

In Europe ? well, It is hard to answer. what I just think is that the one who wish to be a pro,

can be a pro, If they devote and sacrifice their time and  pure human feeling for Go ^ ^

16. Are you currently teaching Go on the internet

Yes I am , I play two of simultaneour games on W Baduk.  (

I am also planning to teach Go on Kgs for next year.

17. Do you play also online?

Sometimes I play on Oro Baduk , or tygem.  I like playing  viyomi games.

I am a quick thinker.

18. What is Go for you: art, sport, game?

Go is game for me.  hum - actually I m a quiet good at categorizing the sequences or pictures, or taking pictures. I think Go makes me to improve those skills. but I think it is a part of

game like Poker .  Go is probably mide sports or Games

19. What about your future and your plans?

I will be staying in Stockholm to teach Go in 2011.

I will try to do another study in school. ( my first major was journalism (press & media )

and the second was Adverticing in universirty in Korea. )

Also, I want to be a nice Go teacher. ^ ^

20. Which kind of player are you: are you an aggressive player or a territorial player?

I prefer to take territory by attacking or putting some pressure on my opponant !

21. What is your favourite fuseki, do you have your own style?

For Black, I like playing mini chinese, which is speedy for Black.

For white, I would like to play like the flow of water, I will get komi at the end of game !

22.  What is your favourite professional player?

I like Guri 9p , he is brilliant.

23.  What are your best results in professional career?

I reached to semi final in Female kisung cup in 2008. and

I reached to 32 place tournament in male and female cup. I forgot the name of tournament,

It was in 2007.

Last year, I got the second place in Pair Go tournament in BC card championship.

24.  Who is the strongest player you ever met in a tournament (did you won that game)?

Kang dong yoon 9p , I won aginst him .

25. What you suggest to Italian players in order to improve their skill?

Replaying pro games is the best way to improve. If you don't replay a bunch of pro games frequently, You will undergo lack the conceptual capacity . ^ ^

Actually It is like watching movies. fun !

26. What could an amateur player to do to improve his playing strength?

Replaying  Pro games, Memorizing tesujis, Calualationg end game moves.

Play for win. Plus, get feedback from teachers.

27. What do you think about Italian players and about the Mosaic tournament in Ravenna?

They all were very friendly, fun, but when they were playing, It looked very serious like

a professinoal tournament. It was a pretty impressive of me.

28. I know that this was your first time in Italy, do you like our country, and would you like to come here again in the future?

hum,, I really like there ! Because I like pizza ~~ !

but I would like to Go to venice in next year !! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

29. Do you want to tell something to Italian go players?

Hello Italian Go players :)  I hope that we will see each other in next tournament in Italy.

Thanks for your time ~ !

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